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Sun Prints - herbs

The winter Solstice is approaching and I've come across the sun prints I made this past summer of some of the herbs in my yard: Bidens, Chives, Rue, Sage, Yarrow, Dandelion. I'm nourished by these shadow reminders of my plant allies and neighbors. Sweet dreams, Flora. Rest well in Pachamama. more

Moon, Sun & Stars

This is a folk song I learned several years ago while I was living in Northern California. I learned it from a friend who learned it from a friend, as folk songs go. I was told it was written by a trans man in Idaho.

People love this song! I think it's because it's so well balanced and it calls into being a beautiful world of feminine power, masculine heart, and radical acceptance. more

Don't Resist, Rebel!

A wise Yogini reminded me last night of this truth: "What you resist, persists." So please, don't waste your time resisting this new breed of fascism. Rebel against it instead. more

TrumPiñatas 2016 - update

It was a super-fun Memorial Day weekend full of laughs and smiles and street performers. more

TrumPiñatas 2016

I'm going to Busker-it-up over Memorial Day weekend with the Mexican artist, El Chepe. more

State of non-democracy

New York voted two days ago. Or to be more accurate, 18% of New Yorker's voted. more

State of Our Democracy, Post-Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday happened. Here are the results with all candidates combined, plus all those states' adult residents who didn't  vote at all. more

State of Our Democracy (2/26/16)

This election cycle is unusual to say the least. So let's analyze it unusually.

Forget the parties with their delegates; the electoral college is a hangover from our racist beginning and counter to the principles of democracy. Plus, we inaccurately tend to think of the two parties as two halves of a whole when this is far from the reality.

Forget the eligible voters. The fact that different states have different rules for who can vote also goes against our democratic ideals and demonstrates another reality of our unequal systems of power and representation.

Let's be radically simple in our take on democracy: One person, one vote. All equal. more

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

peeks from behind the clouds

at Sesquicentennial Point. more

Drawing of Breath

Having recently learned that excess fat is shed from the body via breath, Coyote and I work to release that which weighs us down. more

In Honor of Bees

A child, having recently skipped home from school is in the kitchen for a snack and passes on a bit of knowledge. more

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