I am called upon to write new myths for us all…to restructure reality & reshape the contours of consciousness. This is my gift to Give-Away.

Ochumaré, narrated

This video was produced for exhibition with the 2019 North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival. Special thanks to The Human Family for including us. And more thanks to Rebecca Lee @motherhood.unearthed for lending both her voice and her song. #waterislife more


The 2nd annual North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival will include our storybook, our new myth for the new paradigm, Ochumaré Takes on the Black Snake. #NDHRAF19

Not so long ago, in the realm of myth, the triple goddesses of the Americas summoned Ochumaré, the Rainbow Serpent, to defend the sacred from the desecration of the Black Snake. I sat at the feet of future ancestors and wrote down the tale. They sent José, with nib and ink, to draw the vision. We made a book. I called upon Rebecca to narrate. She also lent her song.

It is all so beautiful, this creative collaboration. The book can be ordered through your local bookstore, amazon or etsy. But if you want to listen to the lyricism of Rebecca, and hear her singing to Pachamama and all the grandmothers...well, you'll have to visit the exhibit in North Dakota. It runs January through March in Fargo, Bismarck & Grand Forks. more

Ochumare Takes on the Black Snake


Ochumaré Takes on the Black Snake is a modern folktale. Part current events and part myth, this illustrated story imagines the divine forces that come to the aid of the Water Protectors in their fight against the Black Snake. Ochumaré the Rainbow Serpent, the two-spirit s/hero, is summoned by the triple goddesses of the Americas to bring compassion and restore ecological balance.

Ask for it at your local bookstore.


Order a copy through Etsy or Amazon! more

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Kali Came Along

-Update- - Jan. 6, 2019 - BWAHAHAHAHA!

(photo of 116th Congress freshmen - credit Vanity Fair)


Can you hear it crumbling? The mortar is cracked. The bricks and sticks and stones of the fortress that is patriarchy are disintegrating. The walls will be brought down by the voices of the voices of men estranged from their feminine the voices of two-spirits finally feeling whole. more

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