Oct. 2, 2018 Waning half moon. Black moon conjunct Mars.

This is the Reckoning.

Last weekend, on the Equinox
I was WILD.
I knew my self,
to be a vessel between heaven and earth,
with a huge heart extending through my hands.
But in the back of my mind
I feared so much light.
I knew it was only hiding the darkness.
Feel a twinge of envy
for the grief and rage
held sacred in community.

One week passes.
Feel the rage and grief
held holy in isolation.
I am a conduit between heaven and earth.
Pain and terror pour through me.
We weep.
We ache.
We mourn.
Tears pour forth from wounds old and new.
Collapsed on the ground, curled in on ourselves.
I beg the Earth, “Please! Mama!
Take this from me, it hurts!”

“Breathe,” I feel her say
“open your throat”
“open your heart”

This is the Reckoning.

I am a conduit between heaven and earth
and I am in MOURNING!

This is the death of patriarchy
but we don’t get to celebrate yet.
This is the dying of patriarchy
but not its funeral yet.
This is the death of patriarchy
as we slough off its rotting flesh.
It’s skin that’s too tight.
Shake it loose, wash it off
cough it up, spit it out.
The rancid, rotten, the dead.

I am a conduit between heaven and earth
and this is the dying of patriarchy.

Open your heart,
Use your voice.

Time for the Reckoning.

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