Ochumaré Takes on the Black Snake is a modern folktale. Part current events and part myth, this illustrated story imagines the divine forces that come to the aid of the Water Protectors in their fight against the Black Snake. Ochumaré the Rainbow Serpent, the two-spirit s/hero, is summoned by the triple goddesses of the Americas to bring compassion and restore ecological balance.

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Inspired by the 2016 protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Reservation; Dr. Kat Williams draws upon her knowledge as a scholar of world history and mythic consciousness, to imagine the unseen forces at play in these historic events.

“The world is changing and I believe we could really use some new myths to help us through the transitions. With the publication of Ochumaré Takes on the Black Snake, I take up my task of writing new myths for us all.”

– Dr. Kat Williams

A portion of the proceeds will go to support the Standing Rock Clean Water Project and other indigenous-led water rights campaigns.


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Triple Goddesses of the Americas

illustrations by José Anguiano

This story draws from three distinct spiritual traditions in the Americas.

  • White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to the Lakota/Dakota of the Northern Plains many generations ago, teaching them the sacred rites of a good life.
  • Pachamama is the deified spirit of the Earth in the Pachakuti traditions of the Andes in South America. Her name is Quechua for “mother earth.”
  • Oya was brought to the Americas by West Africans. She is a deity associated with Rivers and the power of lightning. She is a guardian of the crossroads and therefore oversees times of transition.
  • Ochumaré is the name given to the Rainbow Serpent in the Ifa-based traditions of the Black Atlantic. Depending on the language, their name can also be spelled as Oxumaré or Osumare. A non-binary being, Ochumaré is both male and female. They live in the water but travel through the sky, carrying messages to God. While Ochumaré is not a well known deity in the American cultures, the Rainbow Serpent can be found in spiritual systems around the world; most notably in the Australian Dreamtime and in the concept of the Kundalini in Hinduism.


Order a copy through Etsy or Amazon!

Ask for it at your local bookstore!

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