WP_20141129_001For years, my partner and I dreamed of living in the country and growing our own food. We practiced this in Northern California for some time but life is metaphor is life. When the well ran dry we became pioneers of the Great Climate Migration and returned home to the Midwest. Within five acres of inherited forest, on the edge of the Ozark Mountains, we actualize our dreams.

Counter Construction

Update: We now have a fully functioning kitchen counter set up in the middle of the woods. No water on the piece of land yet so there's a handy foot pump for hand and dish washing (thanks to the boy scout troop who posted a video of their portable hand washing station to youtube.) more

Model-making: Outdoor Kitchen

First things first. If we're going to build on this land we'll need a good place to prepare food.

"Food is Spirit. From food all things are born, by food they live, toward food they move, into food they return. May peace and peace and peace be everywhere." -The Upanishads more

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