Beer, not rum. No sage, no candles. The sacred space is in my heart and in my head tonight. Not in the room. I don’t even have the gourd.

Housemate walks in door with the days news….and I’m led to ask,

What has emboldened the bigots!?

I was about to dive into my own sufferings. How narcissistic of me.

Get the gourd. Get out of your head and into the world, but stay in your heart.

-the KKK came out in the capital today.

-the governor makes it so the poor can only have $25 dollars at a time.


What has emboldened the bigots?

They have certainly been angry since a black man became president. Indignant at women’s empowerment. Terrified a woman could become president?

How can the Klan put flyers in baggies on people’s lawns weighted down by rocks decrying black on white crime while the rest of the nation bears witness to the again and again and again murders of black people by police!?

I am indignant.

We are so far out of whack!

We are so far out of balance!

This is why the bigots are emboldened, our terrible imbalance.

The pendulum, with its cycles of extension and return must be approaching the tipping point.

Don’t cosmologists say we are coming to the apex of this ellipse; approaching a turn in space. Culture is governed by the same laws as the cosmos, particles and quarks.

The Emboldening of the Bigots.

I’m calling it.

This is the Death Throes of Domination.

I speak the world into being.

The ways of domination are dying.

Death is messy and ugly.

The emboldening of the bigots is domination’s last gasp, gasp, grasping at straws.

The KKK solicits in the capital. In sealed baggies because we can’t go 3 days without rain here in the heart-land while my west coast heart-forest withers of thirst and burns.

We are so imbalanced.

Time to tip into a new direction as we drop the dead weight of our oppressions.


p.s. – Two days after writing this we suffered the Charleston AME massacre. This death of domination will be ugly and messy and painful. But the grace it brings…now maybe we see, the beauty of our unity.

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One Reply to “Night Journey #21 – the Emboldening of the Bigots”

  1. (((((hugs)))))
    I know how deeply you feel this terrible injustice. the utter frustration of not understanding how others can be so blind in their bigotry.

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