Just as I start to make progress as a metalsmith, consistent daily action, just as I begin my mythologist IDAES project. Now I must return to teaching. I am grateful for the developing habits. I am developing. They are healing, with their embodiment I am whole and healing.

Manuel, what do I write of tonight…

Part of my heart is burning. Part of my heart is drowning, most of it’s just trying to get to work sharing her gifts. A balance between fire and flood. This is not the gentle sway between damp and dry but the tense and tenuous vastness that separates parched from drenched. The world is at extremes. While fire and smoke ravage the forests of my left coast heartland, the ground beneath my heartland home can hardly hold any more sweet watery relief.

Sometimes I think the crazy patriarchal christian climate deniers might sort of have it right, if their perspectives just weren’t so skewed. It’s not that god the father hates gays and retaliates through his only perceptible language, the weather. Rather, our mother the earth is responding to our own imbalances. Collectively we face the consequences of our abusiveness, some from more privileged stances than others. All of us, participants.

The world is at extremes. The broader the gaps the greater the tension. How dramatic. Drama is entertaining! The greatest resource of this civilization: entertainment! It takes a lot of energy to hold us between the periods of soul-sucking work this civilization creates. I say work because so much of it doesn’t really require labor. To entertain. To hold between. To distance us from the extremes, of inequality, of injustice. It can also distract us from the stagnancy of unfulfilling life. Loose yourself in the movies. Industrialized myths for a civilization distinctly disturbed in its communal rituals and historically intolerant toward nature. Not at all the stuff of indigenous ritual. That other space in between. The in between of entertainment is different than the in between of ritual. To hold between but not always to pass between. To maintain, but not to transition. Industrialized entertainment maintains the status quo. I’ll seek instead the mythic rituals aimed at transformation, the messages of liminality that can shift the dichotomy from burning and drowning to enlightening and quenching, warming and cleansing. What I have learned about myth and culture is that there are an infinite array of polarities with which to construct our experiences and perceptions. The choice of our focus is up to us. Here’s to conscious reconstruction.

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