A wise Yogini reminded me last night of this truth: “What you resist, persists.” So please, don’t waste your time resisting this new breed of fascism. Rebel against it instead.

What is the difference? Let’s look to history and pop-culture for the answer.

Consider the Dutch Resistance against Nazi fascism. The Nazis had already invaded and occupied their country. The opposition was forced underground. Resistance was enacted anonymously, subtly, with secret sabotage. Resistance tactics are appropriate when opposition to a fascist state will result in disappearances and outright murders.

This is not our reality…yet. Please do not inadvertently create such a reality with your resistance. What you resist, persists. Instead, rebel!

A rebellion isn’t hidden in the shadows pretending to acquiesce. A rebellion is vocal, public disapproval, with bodies in the streets in the full light of day. A rebellion unabashedly disrupts the status quo, gums up the gears of oppression. A rebellion says loudly and clearly, “We will not tolerate this. We will not condone this. We will proudly fight against this injustice.”

There has been a popular meme circulating lately: an image of Princess Leia with the words, “a woman’s place is in the resistance.” But let’s be clear. Princess Leia was not a resistance leader. She was a Rebel Leader.

I used to think it strange that Americans so closely identified with Luke and Leia Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance of the Star Wars franchise. As a student of world history, the U.S. seemed to me more akin to the evil empire, with our occupation of other people’s lands and our near constant warfare. But I’ve since learned to untangle the American people from the U.S. government.

To distinguish between the American people and the U.S. government now seems more appropriate then ever. We are in the first days of a fascistic corporate coup. This is not the time for resistance. This is the time for rebellion.

Truth be told, it’s not that hard to rebel against corporations because all a corporation cares about is profit. Deny them their profit and you will defeat them. Boycotts work wonders, and these days they’re working quickly. It took less then a week of people deleting their Uber accounts for the company’s CEO to distance himself from the Trump administration.

Hit the oligarchs where it hurts them most. It will be a boon to your credit union account. That’s a win-win for the people.


Rebel with your body by showing up at the airports to oppose a Muslim immigration ban. Block the military bases with your bodies should Trump try to make good on his threat to invade Mexico. Rebel with your name should a Muslim registry be enacted. Show up at your representatives’ offices and remind them that they work for you. If they continue to vote against your will and interests, find out who’s donations have been paying their campaign bills and boycott them. Tell them you’re doing it and why. Be open about it. Don’t resist from the shadows. Be brave and bold and rebel.

I want to start seeing memes that say: A woman’s place is in the house, senate and white house. A woman’s place is in the Rebellion!

Words matter. We don’t need a resistance, yet. What we need right now is a Rebel Alliance.

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