These bronze talismans were carved and cast in Cuttlefish bones and carry the specific intentions of the people they were made for.

The Cuttlefish is a masterful shape-shifter, intuitively and fluidly adapting to its environment; drawing what it desires to itself. May the medicine of the Cuttlefish aid you in any transformation that you seek.

I know a lot of women these days who are looking to heal their connection with their feminine power of creativity, receptivity, intuition and womb wisdom. To that end, I’ve made a yoni talisman!

Maintaining good energy and a positive attitude. Let the symbol of the sun remind you of the light that you carry, the light that shines from within you and illuminates your path.

Deep feminine power and grace under fire. Let the symbolism of an egg nestled in the wings of the Phoenix remind you of your innate potential and your ability to raise yourself up.

Love, partnership and surrendering to source. Let the symbolism of the spiral and the heart remind you that unconditional love is your divine birthright: your source, your path, and your destination. May your heart be open to love.

If you would like to order your own bronze talisman, cast with intentions specific to your path, send me an email.

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